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Howard Kunzinger - Producer

Howie has worked in the travel industry for the past few years and has learned the ins and outs of how to get around this planet we live on.  As an accomplished musician he seeks to blend the two loves of his life, travel and music into this project.  As a student he studied history, which was a natural fit for a kid who's bedtime stories were National Geographic magazines, and who's best friends were long dead historical figures.  

John Pennino

John Pennino - Photography

John is a freelance videographer who has worked extensivley in the New York metro area, most recently with Martin Scorsese.  In addition to his film work  with Madicine Bow Productions, John also produces a wine with his family known as the Pennino Noir.  An avid paintballer  you can also visit his shop Island Paintball Supplies .

Justin Hromada

Justin Hromada - Editor

Justin Hromada is a digital artist with over 10 years of experience in graphic design, visual effects, animation, video editing, motion graphics and more. Most notably, Justin is president of Badwolf Inkorporated, and has been post-production supervisor on the feature documentary, "Lucky". He is also an accomplished musician and composer. Justin aspires to one day direct and produce animated feature films.

Amanda Burns

Amanda Burns - Art Consultant

Amanda Burns is originally from southern California, a graduate of Adelphi University, has worked as a graphic artist and fabricator on several art and film projects.  Having studied art in Florence, and traveled extensively she brings a love of seeing the world to her ability to create beauty to this new project.

See her art below:


Nicole Hromoda

Nicole Hrmoda - Social Media Director

    Nicole has worked on many social media projects and is a keen networker.  As a huge Star Wars fan, she was devastated to learn that we have no plans currently to take our show to Tatooine and film with the Cantina band; however, she has agreed to be our liaison anyway in trying to expand the breadth of our reach as we hope to bring you along with us to listen to the music of the world.